Simple gift boxes without glue (4 templates)

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simple no glue boxes diy


All four boxes are formed very quickly and without glue. Template size is of an A4 format.


simple no glue boxes diy


This box is made of glossy one-sided cardboard. The base is 5.5 cm to 6 cm. It is a little bit lower than the previous one, but the shape is very graceful. This box is already a souvenir itself. In this case any little thing will be in it quite reliably.




no glue boxes diy


Box on hand. It’s made of one-sided glossy cardboard. It is reusable, it’s easily opened and closed. Rectangular base is 5.5 to 5 cm.




How to make a gift box


It is a real bundle according to its form. It’s beautiful, elegant and somewhat unusual. And you can decide how practical it is.




gift box diy


This box is made of wrapping paper which is glued with normal color paper. It is easily opened and closed. It comes out a little one from a paper of A4 format. You should try to make this one and the previous boxes of simple white paper to really appreciate the capacity.




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