How to make 3D paper ball 1

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Paper ornaments

Paper ball to make

This ball can be made of ordinary office paper. In this case it will be more lenient. It’s better to take paper as for greeting card.


Step 1

Holiday paper ornament

Cut out 20 similar circles (I have a diameter of about 6.3 cm – mostly I encircle a cup). Insert into each circle an equilateral triangle.

Step 2

Paper ball tutorial

Now press all the lines under the rules with the not-writing rod and bend circles.

Step 3

Paper ball tutorial

The entire ball is composed of three parts: 2 “caps” with 5 circles and the middle made of 10 circles.

Glue 5 circles together and get a “cap.” Do this twice. Stretch immediately the string or the thread with a knot on the end into one of the pieces to make the ball hanging.

Step 4

paper ornament handmade

Glue together 10 circles in this way.

Step 5

Tutorial cutting paper

Close the bonded tape to the ring and get the middle part of the ball.

Step 6

Paper ball tutorial

Now glue the middle part with the top part and in the same manner with the bottom part.

Step 7

paper ornament handmade

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